With the blue sea of the Aegean and its refined beauty, a special living experience has been created on the shores of a natural harbour. We are creating a concept project that combines the yearned for and coveted villages lifestyle with comfort.

Our source of inspiration was the Aegean..

With  its brilliant green natural surroundings, fertile soil, bright  blue sky and warm people…

When i asked myself where i would like to live, i decided the project would have to be in as natural a location as possible while at the same time it would need to provide me with all the facilities and opportunities of modern living.

And the project’s main theme took shape…

Just one step away..

While using all the technological possibilities in your specially-designed villa, in the space of a few steps you will find yourselves in gardens in which all types of fruit and vegetables are grown.Walk on a little further and you will reach our farm where you can collect fresh eggs and drink natural fresh milk.And this is all to be found just a few steps away from your villa.In addition, should you so wish, you can develop your own hobbies in a private area in the gardens designated for you.


At this harbour which opens on to nature and naturel surroundings you will find quietness and peace away from the bustle of modern life. Come join us on our project NATUR PORT where we have combined timeless Aegean architecture with our 50 years of experience and blended comfort with nature.

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An Aegean project opposite the islands with a sunset view of which

you will never tire. With its ever-mesmerising sunsets. Brilliant blue sea, elite nightlife and unparalleled cuisine, Kuşadası is one of the best places in Turkey for rising-value investment opportunities…

In this valuable location,we are introducing you to NATUR PORT with  its strong archıtectural design and unique consept. Now let us provide you with a closer picture of our Natur Port project…


Wake up each morning  amidst beautiful green surroundıngs while gazing at the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean.

Since 1968!


    The building industry in Turkey and throughout the world has seen rapid progress in recent years. Methods of construction, materials, management techniques and business finance and administration are all changing continually. Consumer demand is driving improvements in both building products and customized solutions.


    Our Planning Department has determined that the primary barrier to quality is time pressure. Using Total Quality Management in every aspect of our construction work, we are continually raising our standards to achieve timely delivery, economic solutions and quality in our construction projects.


    This rapid change has led us to a different way of doing business: constantly reviewing our systems, adopting new techniques and abandoning some, but not all, traditional methods of construction.


    Being aware of its corporate social responsibilities, our company gives support to urban transformation projects and contributes to seminars and renovation works in partnership with the local authorities.  We, the Board of Directors, are conscious that “the only thing it doesn’t change is the need for change”. Established in 1968, our company has taken its deserved place at the forefront of our industry with more than 40 years’ experience, dynam


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